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I’ve always been a firm believer that it’s the photographer that makes great photographs, not the camera, but what happens when you stop taking your camera places? Am I still a photographer, even if I’m not motivated to carry a heavy DSLR around with me. I mean, I don’t really have an excuse not to. I haven’t had any serious injuries that are preventing me from carrying around the weight and even if I did, I’m sure my wife would offer to hold some of my stuff anyhow…she already does that. Is it that I’m just more content some days with just experiencing life with my own eyes, instead of from behind the viewfinder of a camera or am I just getting lazy?

These are all questions I’ve been asking myself lately. I love photography more than ever, I love to see new places and I truly love doing workshops and showing people around the place I call home, Jasper National Park. I know photography is a huge part of my life because I still go out and shoot for myself a few times a week. I haven’t made it to a place where someone needs to be paying me to pick up a...

Daniel, Barefoot

Lets try this blogging stuff...again.

I used to love writing about trips and things I was doing with my photography many years ago, but for some reason I stopped. Apparently it's too hard to sit down for 20 minutes, find a photo and post a few words about it or about the things I find inspiring. It's 2017, I have the time, and I want to write again. So here's to another attempt at doing something I once enjoyed!

...I mean, I've spent like 12weeks out of the last four months on the road, making photos, I should have something to say or write about, right?

Here we go...